2021-2022 Custom Design Deadline: Nov. 15, 2021

Your Wish, Your Way

Completely custom costume design by AWCT Performance Wear.

For over 25 years, our goal has been to make your performance wear wishes come true. Now, with the help of our experienced design team, your ideas for custom performance apparel and flags can become a reality.

For custom flag designs, choose a style here and click on the Details tab for more info on how to order.

Step 1

Creating custom garments is a creative, collaborative and complex experience. The first step is to submit a Custom Design Request. A customer representative will then contact you to walk you through the process, including timeline, services, costs and purchase agreement. A minimum order of 12 pieces is required. If your order requires less than 12 pieces, your order will not be accepted.

Submit a Custom Design Request by Nov. 15, 2021

Step 2

The next step includes developing a custom design illustration and sample prototype while adhering to your due dates and budget.

Download a Design Template

Download a Swatch Card

Step 3

The final step in the production of your order will result in unique performance apparel, exclusively made for you!

The Custom Design Process


A great place to start!

Get the answers to all your custom design questions by downloading our Custom Design Overview which includes information on services, costs, timeline and more.

Download a Complete Custom Design Overview

Planning Your Timeline

Our goal is to understand your team’s needs and successfully fabricate your vision, on budget and on time. This involves extensive communication, preparation and planning. It is essential we have your help in meeting due dates to keep your project on a structured timeline. The development process will take a minimum of 8 weeks from the approval of your design sketch to shipment of your order. We recommend you allow a minimum of 12-15 weeks from the initial submission of your design request to shipment of your custom apparel. Time frames will vary depending on the complexity of your garment. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process please contact us. We are here to assist you! Click here to download the complete custom overview which includes detailed information of expected time frames and tips on how to avoid delays.

Design Services & Costs

The first step of the design process is completing a Custom Design Request. In two weeks, your concepts will be illustrated by our design staff and emailed to you with pricing information for your approval and feedback. You will have two weeks to approve/edit the design. If a major redesign is needed, the design timeline will start over.

Our design services are complimentary and our staff will provide you an illustration of your initial idea. Once you have approved the design illustration and projected price, your non-refundable pattern fee is due for your custom design to proceed. If you are unsure about what you are looking for, need significant changes to the design created or change your theme/concept; design services are then billed at $50.00 per redesign. If we fabricate a sample garment for your order , but an order is never placed, you will still be charged the cost of the sample ($100-$200 or more depending on your specific sample).

Purchase Agreement

Once your design illustration is approved you will be asked to complete a Purchase Agreement. This form needs to be signed and returned within 5 business days of receipt to keep your scheduled ship date. The development of your custom garment will not proceed until the Purchase Agreement is completed. Please note, your Purchase Agreement is an estimate, not an invoice. You will not be billed or charged until your order is placed. You will be issued an invoice after your order is placed, which will outline all final pricing and include any shipping/additional fees that apply. You will be required to include credit card information on the Purchase Agreement. The credit card information provided here will be used for any outstanding design or sample fees if, for some reason, the custom order is cancelled.

Download a Purchase Agreement

Sample Approval

Once your custom design illustration is approved and your Purchase Agreement is completed and returned, we will create a sample of your garment. For simple color, fabric or slight alteration changes a sample will not be made. We will email you a photograph of your sample garment on our custom sized mannequins for final approval. If you require the physical sample be sent to you for approval, we suggest you add 1-2 weeks to your timeline. We require the sample be returned to us within 7 days. We will not begin production until the sample is returned.

Minor changes, like color adjustments, skirt lengths, etc can be made without delaying your ship date or incurring extra costs. If major pattern changes need to be made, a new sample will have to be created which will extend your timeline 2-3 weeks and require an additional $100 pattern fee. The cost of the original sample will be charged and changes will affect the final cost of the garment.

Production, Delivery & Reorders

Production will take a minimum of 4 weeks after your final sizes and quantity needs are received along with your payment and sample approval. If all due dates are met, your order will ship on the given ship date on your Purchase Agreement. If you require rush shipping, please inform your representative. Additional fees will apply.

Provided the fabric is still available, re-ordering your custom garment is simple. If fabrics or trims in your garment have been discontinued, we will do our best to find a suitable/approved replacement. Reorders will generally take 4-6 weeks to produce depending on the time of year. The price of your re-ordered garment could change based on current material and manufacturing costs. There are no minimums on re-orders, but there will be a cut fee if ordering less than 3 pieces per style/color.

Submit a Custom Design Request by Nov. 15, 2021


Questions? Please call us at 800-755-2248 or send an email to wishweb@awishcometrue.com.